Waterfowl Stamp Exhibit Earns Appreciation

Panel Six

The final panel focuses on contemporary issues. The 1973 Colorado Goose stamp was on sale for a very short time and overlooked by collectors. Only two unused copies and four on a license have been recorded (see Figure 22).



Figure 22. The unused 1973 Colorado Goose stamp.


Editor’s note: Ten examples on license have now been recorded.


In the 1980s North Dakota became the first state to print two versions of its duck stamps, one for collectors and one for hunters. It took collectors several years to realize this, and the early booklet-type stamps ( issued to hunters) are now very difficult to find in unused condition. Very few multiples were purchased, and even fewer remained intact. A complete 1983 full pane is exhibited (see Figure 23).



Figure 23. Complete pane of the 1983 North Dakota resident small game stamp.



As of the Smithsonian Exhibit in 1998, Torre’s exhibit has won several awards including 16 National gold medals and an International gold. His exhibit will give you a greater appreciation of the scarcity of these waterfowl stamps.

If you are unable to get to Washington, D.C., prior to the middle of January, be sure to ask your favorite revenue or duck stamp dealer to view his stock of non- pictorial waterfowl and Indian Reservation stamps next time you attend a stamp show. You may find a new collecting interest.  



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