Killer Eleven

1928 California BOY Hunting License, unused
1941-42 Marion County Fishing stamps used on Jerry and Verona Mullikin's Licenses
RW5 Top Plate Number Single Signed by Artist Roland Clark, ex Broholm
1944-45 Virginia Non Resident Elk
1950 South Dakota Resident Waterfowl printed on Horizontal Safety Paper
1912-13 Canal Zone Hunting Permit
Dupont Powder Advertising Cover, used in 1902
1985-86 Connecticut Pheasant on License
1923 California Alien Angling License
1971-72 Tennessee Archery, unused – ex Vanderford
1968 North Dakota Non Resident Predator, ex Vanderford
1910s Salmon Fly Brand Salmon Label, unused
1970 Missouri Trout Error, Vertical Strip with Serial Numbers Missing
1969 North Dakota Resident Antelope Bow and Metal Band with Matching Serial Numbers, as issued
1911 Oklahoma Assistant Game and Fish Warden Commission
RW1 Small Die Proof on Card, ex Rudy
1934 California Alien Angling License Button
1950 South Dakota Waterfowl Complete Sheet (50)
1930 Pennsylvania Resident Fishing Sample Button
1958 "BLIND" No Fee Overprint
1940 Utah Buck Deer - Cache District
1953 Indiana Trout Top Plate Number Single
1952-53 Alaska Non Resident Sport Fishing on License
1968 Maryland Trout Top Plate Number Single, ex Boward Family
1911 North Dakota Resident Hunting License
1994-95 Maryland National Migratory Bird Harvest Information Program (HIP), unused on Form
1981-82 Florida Waterfowl Normal (left) and Color Missing Error (right)
1971-72 Washington Archery And/Or Muzzle Loading, unused – ex Vanderford
1937 Pymatuning Waterfowl used with 1937-38 Federal Waterfowl
1955-56 Tennessee Big Game Upper Block of 15 with Plate Number, ex Carnahan Archive
1913-14 Texas Non Resident Hunting License
1943-44 Virginia Non Resident Big Game
1971-72 Honey Lake Waterfowl, unused – ex Vanderford
1916-17 White Pine County, Nevada Hunting and Fishing License
RW20 (1953-54) Original Entry - Contest Winner
1966-67 Maryland Big Game for Archers, unused – ex Vanderford
1993-94 Louisiana NR Waterfowl – 3 Day Complete Pane of Six
1955-56 Tennessee Big Game with Crude Perforations, ex Carnahan Archive
1971 Federal Waterfowl Stamp Print with Color Remarque by Maynard Reece
Austin Powder Advertising Cover, used in 1902
1986-87 Montana NR Bird Partial Pane of Seven, ex Vanderford
1973-74 Provisional Washington County, Virginia Block of Four (Year Date Rubber-Stamped on 1966-67 Issue)