Waterfowl Stamp Exhibit Earns Appreciation

Panel One

The first panel features the Pymatuning stamps, the first state waterfowl stamps. Pymatuning Lake is the largest man-made body of water east of the Mississippi River, straddling the Ohio-Pennsylvania border in the northern part of each state. Completed in 1934, the lake consists of 17,000 acres of freshwater and more than 70 miles of shoreline.

The 1938 stamp is unique and most probably the first state-issued waterfowl stamp. Eight examples of the Pymatuning waterfowl stamps are shown in this panel, including all known copies on license (see Figures 1, 2 and 3). 



Figure 1. The unique 1938 Pymatuning Waterfowl stamp.



Figure 2. 1941 Pymatuning waterfowl used with 1941-42 federal waterfowl stamp on Ohio license.



Figure 3. This 1944 Pymatuning waterfowl stamp is also the only example recorded.


Editor’s note: We now know that Ohio first issued stamps for Pymatuning Lake in 1937.




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