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Missouri’s Audubon – Part Four

In today’s post we shall focus our attention on Charles and Libby Schwartz’s lives and work in Missouri, during the 1960s and 1970s. I will provide a glimpse into their home settings and a rather unique lifestyle which, as was the case with Aldo Leopold and his iconic shack, influenced Charles’ artistic expression and was…

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Missouri’s Audubon – Part Three

In today’s post we shall focus on the decade of the 1950s, wherein Charles and Libby Schwartz would come into their own as a highly productive, influential and respected team within the closely interrelated fields of wildlife conservation and ecology. This period would be highlighted by their special ability as a couple to connect in…

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Happy New Year and the Introduction to Killer Twelve

First, we would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and health, happiness and success in 2021. For most of us, this past year was unlike any other in our lifetime; with the emergence of COVID-19, the unprecedented wildfire season in the west and a rancorous political scene – it was challenging, to say…

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Missouri’s Audubon – Part Two

When we last left off, Irwin Bode had recently been appointed Director of the newly-created Missouri Conservation Commission. Bode was charged by Syd Stephens with hiring the best people he could find in order to make Syd’s dream – to manage the state’s natural and wildlife resources based on the teachings of Aldo Leopold and…

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Missouri’s Audubon – Part One

In today’s post we shall start to look at the life of Charles W. Schwartz, one of this country’s most influential wildlife artists. Charles was a very amiable man who, in partnership with his energetic and talented wife, Elizabeth, was a benevolent force in the conservation and environmental movements of the 20th century. A force…

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Richard Clifton Wins Contest; James Hautman is Second

This has obviously been an unusual year and the annual duck stamp art contest was not immune from changes made to ensure public safety during the current COVID-19 Pandemic. The contest was originally scheduled to take place on the Drake University campus in Des Moines, Iowa this weekend. The much-anticipated event would have included tributes…

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A Pictorial Tribute to Maynard Reece: 1920 – 2020

Someone who made one of the greatest contributions to our hobby, legendary Iowa wildlife artist Maynard Reece, passed away on July 11. Maynard created the artwork for five federal and many other state waterfowl and fish and game stamps. We have created this gallery to honor his memory – and remain forever grateful.    …

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Shorty’s Scrapbook – Part Two

In todays conclusion to our series on the scrapbook assembled by Herman D. “Shorty” Schoettger, we will see a number of uncommon licenses and gain some additional insights from Shorty, himself. As we saw in Part One, his long-time sporting companion, Ira Cahoon, passed away in April of 1921. Therefore, starting around this time Shorty…

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Shorty’s Scrapbook – Part One

Today we will start to look at some pieces from a scrapbook formed by a man who lived in Nebraska. The scrapbook contained some very early hunting and fishing licenses and several accompanying newspaper articles, wherein he provides detailed (and entertaining) accounts of his sporting exploits. These narratives provide context and flavor seldom encountered with…

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Collecting Used Federal Duck Stamps – Part Five

In today’s post we will look at the 14 federal duck stamps that were issued from 1984-85 through 1997-98 (RW51 – RW64). In 1998, U.S. Post Offices were supplied with new style, self-adhesive stamps (commonly known as peel and stick) to sell hunters. Gummed stamps were still produced, however, these were sold by the United…

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