Killer Six

1939 Pymatuning Waterfowl On license
George Lawyer's 1919 Louisiana Complimentary NR Amateur Hunter's License
RW44 With Complete Offset on Reverse
1957-58 Tennessee Big Game Combination Essay/Trial Color Proof
1926-27 California Alien Hunting License
1954 Illinois Pheasant Daily Usage
1979 Pine Ridge Reservation Error - First Two Lines of Text Reversed
1910 North Dakota Resident Hunting License with Blood Stains
1938-39 South Carolina NR Hunting License Button
1953 Michigan Trout Specimen Sheet Marked "Previous Printing" - Likely Used As a Production Proof in 1954
1972 Kansas Upland Game Bird Error - Serial # Missing
California Conservation League Advertising Label, Circa 1920
Marlin Firearms Advertising Cover
RW27 Error - Believed to Result from Excessive Wiping of Ink From Plate Margins
1983 Iowa NR Raccoon and Tag
J. Stevens Firearms Advertising Cover
RW3 Large Die Proof
1938 3 Cents Tennessee Shell Tax Block - ex Joyce
1934 West Virginia Female Fishing License Button
Warrior Air Rifles Advertising Cover
1983-84 West Point Fishing
1959-60 Tennessee Trout Error - Inverted Serial #
1912-13 Vermont NR Hunter's License With Tags
1971 Marion County Duck Complete Pane
Type II 1961 Indiana Trout
1973 Leech Lake Netting
1920 Rhode Island Resident Hunter's Certificate
1943-44 Virginia Resident Elk
1887 Delaware Game Protective Association Certificate
Unused 1966 Indiana Trout
1951 Marion County Duck
1954-55 Puerto Rico Hunting Permit with Internal Revenue Validating Stamp
1908 Ohio License to Fish on Lake Erie in a Rowboat
1949 Michigan Trout Plate Proof Corner Block
Unused 1973-74 Honey Lake Waterfowl
1975-76 New Mexico Trout Duplicate Block
1976-77 Maryland Waterfowl Proof
Walter Webber's 1950-51 Virginia Hunting License
1959-60 Virginia National Forest Stapled to a License
1972 Washington Archery And / Or Muzzle Loader