Killer Nine

1949 Duck Marion County, Kansas
1938 Utah Deer on License
Laflin & Rand Advertising Cover
RW9 Small Die Proof
1976 Delaware Type I Resident Trout
E.L. Vanderford's Second Hunting License – Age 11
1977 Fort Peck Bird Block of Four
1910 Pierce County, Washington Resident Hunter's License
1946-47 Kansas Quail Proof with White Feather
1991-92 North Dakota Disable Fishing Pane
Error – 1980 Jackson County, South Dakota West River Canada Goose with Missing Serial Number
1991-92 California Lifetime Hunting Stamp on License
1967 Michigan Cisco Netting
RW1 Complete Pane
1932-33 Virginia NR Elk Button
1963 Maryland "Boward" Trout Block of Six
First Edition 1940 Federal Waterfowl Stamp Print
1940-41 South Carolina County Hunting Button
J. Stevens Arms & Tool Advertising Cover
1973 Marion County Fishing Complete Pane
1981 Michigan Senior Resident Turkey with Tag
1938 Tennessee 3 Cents Shell Tax
1915 California NR Anglers License
1986 Michigan Salmon Snagging
1986 Washington Salmon, Imperforate Vertically – Gutter Block of Eight
1981-82 Washington County, Virginia Error – Missing Red, ex Lebo
1906 Minnesota Resident Game Hunting License Complete with Tags
1944 Pymatuning Type II Waterfowl
1959 "INDIAN" NO FEE Overprint
1940s Minnesota Pheasant, ex Pruess
RW21 with Drastic Shift
1971 Lower Brule Type II Waterfowl
RW72b Error – Imperforate at Bottom
Unused 1973 North Dakota NR Small Game
1925 U.S. Cartridges Calendar
1917 Oregon Free Combination License for Civil War Veterans
RW12 Photo Essay
1993 Maryland NR Crabbing with Stub
Winchester Advertising Cover
RW38 with Drastic Shift