Killer Five

The First Marion County Waterfowl Stamp Sold - To Jerry Mullikin
RW1 on Form 3333 Signed J.N. Darling - Alias "Ding"
1951 Illinois Duck Daily Usage
1959 Rosebud Game Bird
1968 Delaware Resident Trout
1973 Iowa Trout Legitimate Imperforate Booklet Pane
1986-87 Connecticut Pheasant
1987 Michigan NR Fur Harvester
1958-59 Tennessee Lettering Proof
1951 West Virginia National Forest Fishing and Hunting Stamps on License
RW5 Small Die Proof
Baker and Hamilton Agency For Savage Hammerless Rifles
1915-16 White Pine County, Nevada Alien Hunting and Fishing License
Unused 1915 Delaware Resident Hunter's License
1951-52 Alaska NR or Alien Sport Fishing on License
1980 California Trout & Salmon Blue Color Error - ex Vanderford
1930 Maryland NR Deep Creek Lake Angler's License Button – 39 issued
1956 Delaware Resident Trout Pane - ex Joyce
1968 Custer State Park, South Dakota Elk Serial #1
1958-59 Montana Bow and Arrow
Parker Gun Advertising Postcard
1963 North Dakota Turkey and Mule Deer on License
RW6 Signed by Artist Lynn Bogue Hunt
1967-68 Maryland Archery Big Game
1911 City and County of Honolulu Hunting Permit
1914 California Alien Fishing License
1937 Pymatuning - The First State Waterfowl Stamp
1980 Washington Upland Error - Wording and Serial # Missing
1991 Maryland Resident Crabber Complete Proof Pane
Laflin & Rand smokeless Powder Advertising Cover
RW21 Miscut - Placing Guideline On The Stamp
1994-95 Ohio Youth Trapping Complete Booklet
Historic Letter to Jerry Mullikin Anouncing Marion County Will Print Adhesive Stamps
1966 Michigan Cisco Netting
Unused 1930 California NR Angling License
1919 New Jersey Permit to Hunt Foxes with Hounds
1970 Nebraska Original Art Essay
1995 South Dakota Tunra Swan, Tag and Tooth Envelope Stamp
1910 Territory of New Mexico Hunter's License
1958-59 Mississippi Archery Deer