Waterfowl Stamp Exhibit Earns Appreciation

Panel Four

Panel four showcases the Illinois Daily Usage and California Honey Lake Stamps. The daily usage stamps were used at various public hunting grounds throughout the state for ducks, geese and pheasants. The earliest example shown is from 1953 (see Figures 10 and 11).



Figure 10. The 1953 Illinois daily usage stamp was used on public hunting grounds.



Figure 11. Collectors were told that no daily usage stamps were printed for 1972.


Editors note: We now know Illinois Daily Usage Stamps were issued as early as 1951.



The Honey Lake Wildlife area is in Lassen County of northeastern California. Starting with the 1956-57 waterfowl season, seasonal permits were issued in the form of stamps. Of the three recorded examples of the 1956-57 Honey Lake stamp, only one is recorded on license. This license and the 1957-58 stamp where only four are recorded are two of the seven Honey Lake stamps (see Figures 12 and 13).



Figure 12. Only four examples of the 1957-58 Honey Lake stamp have been recorded.



1981-82 HL on license ex NPM

Figure 13. Relatively few 1981-82 Honey Lake stamps were sold to hunters and the example shown here is the only one currently known used on license. Also, all unused remainders were destroyed by accident.




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