Killer Thirteen

1942 Marion County with Extra Row of Roulettes
1904 Market Hunter's Advertising Cover
RW8 Small Die Proof
1927 Florida Special Deer Button
1970-71 Unused Tennessee Archery
1903 Laflin & Rand Advertising Cover
1931 Nebraska Hunter's Shooting Script, #1
1907 Resident Montana Hunting License
CA Hunting License with Nine VAFB Stamps Affixed
RW19 Plate Number Single, graded 98J
1970 $5.00 Illinois Daily Usage pair on license
1957 Tennessee Trout Essay
1967-68 Oklahoma Crow Hunting
1904 Federal Gun Permit for Santa Barbara Preserve - earliest license to hunt in California
1952 Illinois $2.00 Daily Usage, perforated on all sides
RW1 Plate Number Single Signed by Ding Darling
1934 Duplicate California Angling License Button
1925 Rocky Mountain Park Pass
1940 Non Resident WV Special Ohio River Button
RW26 Complete Pane
RW11 with Tiny Signature
1972 Maryland Old Age Trout Complete Pane
SD Public Shooting Grounds Sign, circa 1950s
1972 Iowa First of State Duck Stamp Print, remarqued by Maynard Reece
1955 Washington Fishing Vessel License
1980 Washington Salmon, large archival multiple missing vertical rouletting
RW57 Pair, reverse inscription showing radical shift
1999 MN Special Canada Goose Type II (perforated) on license
1943-44 Resident Virginia Big Game
1923-24 Non Resident California Hunting License
1941 Pymatuning Hunting Stamp on License
1933 Non Resident MS Trapper's Button
1962 Michigan Bear, Stamp #1
1906 Peters Advertising Cover
RW2 on Form 3333 Issued on Halloween
1906 Non Resident Maine License to Hunt
1983 Non Resident Iowa Raccoon on License
RW15 with fully perforated selvage at bottom and part of adjoining stamp
1998 Crow Creek Guide Stamp on License
1967 Michigan Trout Complete Pane, missing Plate Numbers in Selvage
1976 Fort Peck Bird (B76) two pairs with duplicate serial numbers
1937 5 Mills TN Shell Tax
1910 Federal Permit to Hunt and Fish on the Colville Reservation - earliest license to hunt or fish on an Indian Reservation