Killer Ten

1928 California Citizen Angling License overprinted "Civil War Veteran"
1941 Marion County Water Fowl, ex Bellinghausen
Unused RW46 with reverse inscription missing
1902 Nebraska License to Hunt and Fish
1968-69 VAFB Hunting Stamp
RW2 Graded Gem 100
EC Shultze Advertising Cover
RW11 Original by Walter Webber – selected by committee
1965-66 Maryland Big Game for Archers block of four, ex Boward Family Find
1934 Maine Complimentary Fishing License
1975-76 Maryland Public Lands Hunting stamp with top selvage and plate number
1923 California Non-Resident Angling License
1947 South Dakota Transportation Proof block of four, ex Hubbard
1980-81 Oklahoma Waterfowl complete pane with top row of horizontal perforations missing
1949 Carvin's Cove Boating stamp, required to fish from a boat
1991 Maryland Complimentary Sport Fishing License Stamp (UR), as issued with two boat stickers
1937 Kansas Quail – The First Fish & Game Stamp – complete pane of 50
1929 Maryland Angler's License button for fishing in Deep Creek Lake
1938 two cent Tennessee Shell Tax block with image missing from UR, ex Webb Garage Sale Find
RW12 Trial Color Large Die Proof, ex Webster
1908 North Dakota Resident Permit to Hunt, reconstructed pane of two
1937 New Jersey Complimentary Hunting and Fishing License button
1979-80 Iowa Buffleheads complete pane of 10
1890s Advertising by Tucker, Hanford Co. – manufacturers of salmon labels
1934 South Carolina Hunting License sample button for Horry County
RW20 used with fully perforated selvage at bottom and partial adjoining stamp
Parker Gun Advertising Cover
1929 Cooperative Agreement to hunt in the Grand Canyon
RW1 from the first pane of stamps sold; affixed to form 3333 dated August 22, 1934 and signed by Ding Darling on the reverse
1940 Pymatuning waterfowl stamp affixed to license and cancelled "Tennant Pharmacy"
1962 Lower Brule Predator complete pane of five
Unused 1941-42 Virginia Nonresident Big Game
1982 Iowa Non-Resident Raccoon on license
1959 Federal Waterfowl Stamp 4th edition print – hand colored
1993 Oklahoma Trout complete pane of five
1961 Delaware Trout block of four, ex Joyce
1991 South Dakota Tundra Swan, unused as issued
RW51 Special Printing cross gutter block of four
Hunter Arms Advertising Cover
1937 (First year) Ducks Unlimited Membership Certificate