This page is dedicated to my lifelong ambition to establish a Society for collectors of fish and game stamps, licenses, prints and related items. I envision an active society that communicates with each other through the Forum on this website, has annual meetings at National stamp shows, encourages and supports members in exhibiting, research and publication and generally promotes our hobby.

I have established a Fish and Game Collectors Hall of Fame on this site. I have in mind some future inductees and would eventually like to see a subcommittee of the Society select future inductees going forward. I envision the induction process taking place during our yearly meetings at a National show.

Further, I have decided to fund the production of medals and ribbons to be presented to exhibitors of fish and game stamps at National stamp shows. In the beginning, I will be responsible for the logistics of accomplishing this but at some point would like to see a subcommittee take over these duties.

I would like to encourage members to write articles about their interests for publication in stamp journals, magazines and newspapers. I am available for advice and support. At some point I will be asking all members that are interested to participate in the blog on this website and in the meantime everyone is welcome to interact in the Forum.

Please fill out and submit the form below. In the comments section, list other goals, ideas and suggestions you may have for our Society. Once we have enough people interested and develop a sense of what our members would like to achieve, we can formally organize and get started!


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