Killer Three

Civil War Veteran 1927-28 California Resident Hunting License
Type II 1966-67 Honey Lake Waterfowl
1982 Iowa NR Raccoon with Tag
1950 Bland County, Virginia Bear Deer Damage
1911 County of Kauai Hunting License
1940s Grant County, Minnesota Pheasant
1967 Massachusetts Archery Deer Original Art
Union Card with 1951 West Virginia National Forest Hunting Stamp
1977-78 Giles County, Virginia Provisional
1954-55 Colorado River Special Use
RW49 Dramatic Color Shift Plate # Single
1975 South Dakota Special Winter Deer Reduction on License
1917-18 California Resident Hunting License Proof
1963-64 Maryland Archery and Firearms on license
1937 Tennessee 2 Mills Shell Tax Proof
1980 Delaware Imperforate Verticlally Plate # Block
1925 Elko County, Nevada Fishing License
RW2 Small Die Proof On Card
Revolutionary War Fishing License with Embossed Revenue Stamp
1946 Pymatuning Fishing
Ghost Serial Number on 1968 Kansas Upland
RW1 Imperforate Pair
1975-76 Maryland Public Lands Proof Sheet
1960 Indiana Trout Serial Numbers 1-4 Complete Pane
1937 Pymatuning Fishing License
1957 Indiana Trout Surcharged Plate # Single
1939 Provisional Kansas Quail
1911 County of Hawaii Hunting Permit
1965 Michigan Cisco Netting
1967-68 Maryland Big Game Error - Missing Serial Numbers Pane
Montana Special Area Permit to Hunt deer
George Lawyer's Complimentary 1915 Quebec Hunting License and Tags
1968 Massachusetts Archery Deer Original Art
RW11 Signed by The Artist and The Designer
1970 Wythe County, Virginia Provisional Bear Deer Damage
1950 Giles County Provisional Bear and Deer Damage
RW15 Large Die Proof
1927-28 Georgia Oyster Tax Block
1950 South Dakota Waterfowl Proof Block
1981 Iowa NR Pheasant and Racoon on License