Postcard Galleries

Abby Csaplar Memorial
Santa Postcard Gallery

This memorial gallery is dedicated to my friend Abby Csaplar, who, along with her husband Will, was a dedicated collector and exhibitor of waterfowl stamps. Beyond that, Abby was a wonderful, kind person who generously supported many different hobbies and she will be greatly missed.

Many of the followers of this website and blog are familiar with Abby's philatelic interests, so I would like to let you know about another of her passions – she loved to collect vintage Santa Claus postcards!

We shared this hobby together for close to 30 years. When the Csaplars downsized a while ago, they allowed me to acquire their extensive Santa postcard collection and merge it with my own.

There is no doubt in my mind that Abby would love for me to share some of her favorite Santa postcards with you. To enter, click on the card above.

Harry Foglietta Memorial
Hula Girl Postcard Gallery

This is one of three memorial galleries dedicated to my friend Harry Foglietta. Like Abby, Harry was a collector of more than just waterfowl stamps. He lived in Hawaii for close to 40 years and was a lifelong student of Hawaiian history and culture. Harry was also a big wave surfer. He loved to collect Hawaiiana and specialized in vintage Hawaiian postcards.

Harry assembled a tremendous collection of Hawaiian picture postcards – one of the best of all time. Harry had three favorite topics: Hula Girls, Surfing and the Mid Pacific Carnival.

Harry and I hoped to write a book about Hawaiian postcards one day, along with fellow collector Dolores Rowe. Sadly, Harry passed away too soon. I know Harry would have wished for me to share some of his favorite cards with you.

This gallery focusses on Hawaiian hula girls, including both printed and real photo postcards. Note: in keeping with the time period these images were taken (early 20th century) many of the cards in this gallery show bared breasts. To continue, click on the card above.


The second of three galleries dedicated to my friend Harry Foglietta, this one focusses on his primary collecting interest – Hawaiian surfing postcards.

As we will see, the earliest Hawaiian postcards (often referred to as pioneers) did not feature images of men surfing the waves on a board. When these cards were printed (1897– 1901), interest in surfing was at a low point. Therefore, the pioneer cards featured outrigger canoes.

At the beginning of the 20th century, surfing experienced a rebirth and this resulted in postcards with images of men, women and children riding the waves on surfboards.

Among Harry's favorite subjects were postcards featuring the legendary swimmer and surfer Duke Kahanamoku, postcards featuring the surfing photography of Ray Baker and Tom Blake and those showing Blake surfing, himself, alone or going tandem.

Collecting surfing postcards allowed Harry to experience much happiness and joy in his lifetime. I am pleased to share this special gallery with you. Click on the card above to enter.