Killer Four

RW1 on Hawaiian Form 3333
1907 Indiana Resident Hunter's License
1952 Indiana Trout with top selvage perforated on all four sides
1921 California Alien Fishing License
1981-82 Honey Lake Waterfowl
1949 Michigan Trout Specimen Plate # Single
1958 Michigan Trout Trial Color Large Die proof
Unused 1961 Minnesota NR Fishing
1931 South Carolina SAMPLE Hunting License Button
Peters Cartridge Company Advertising Cover
1972 Maryland Senior Trout Complete Pane
Unused 1948 Washington Elk
1942 Marion County Water Fowl – initialled J E M (Mullikin)
Laflin & Rand Revolvers Advertising Cover
1934-35 Tennessee NR Pleasure Fishing License Button
RW7 Signed by Frances L. Jaques
1900 Michigan License to Hunt Deer
1946-47 Virginia Resident Elk
1969 Marion County Dusk Error Pair with Normal
1979 Iowa NR Pheasant
RW12 Original Drawing by Gromme
1937 5 Mills Shell Tax Block Tennessee
RW4 Small Die proof on Card
1947 Carvin's Cove Fishing
1910-11 Canal Zone Hunting Permit
1964 Michigan Cisco Netting
1967-69 Lower Brule Antelope
1957 Delaware Trout Pane
The First California Trapping License - 1917
Type II Tennessee Trout Imperforate Between Error
1911 Texas NR Hunting License
1992 Maryland NO FEE Crab
1917 California Duplicate Fishing License
1938-39 Numbered White Feather Kansas Quail
1899 Minnesota Resident Hunting License
1973 Iowa Trout SAMPLE Pair
1929-30 Maryland Duck Blind License
Unused 1953 Indiana Trout
1972 Nebraska free senior Upland on License