Killer Twelve

Numbered 1938 Virginia NR Big Game
Laflin & Rand Advertising Cover used in 1900
1934-35 California Duplicate Hunting License Button
1953 Illinois Daily Usage with Warden's Punches
1938 Tennessee 3 Cents Block of Four
1951 Alaska Seine Fishing License for Vessel
1957-58 Tennessee Big Game Combination Essay/Trial Color Proof
1951-52 Minot Sportsmen's Association
1984 Michigan Non Resident Bear
1921-22 California Non Resident Hunting License
1973-74 Honey Lake signed by Area Manager Bob Weld
1995-96 VAFB Deer and Small Game Stamps used on License
1976-77 California Junior Hunting License Validation Booklet showing Errors in Positions one and Nine
1971 Colorado Second Rod Sample Pane
RW36 Signed by Raymond Peterman (hunter)
RW1 Top Plate Number Single
1939 Pymatuning Fishing on License
RW14 (1947-48) Original Selected by Committee
1904 King County, Washington Hunting License (Metal Portion)
1904 King County, Washington Hunting License (Paper Portion)
Peters High Velocity Smokeless Shot Gun Shells Box
RW19 Large Die Proof
1941 Utah Buck Deer - Cache District on license with RW8
1935 Federal Duck Stamp Print with Full Margins
1910 Alabama Landowner's Hunting Permit
1980 Mississippi Waterfowl Block with Drastic Shift
1970-71 California Duplicate Resident Hunting License Validation, ex Vanderford
1973 Marion County Duck Compete Pane
1941 Marion County Error
J. Stevens Advertising Cover sent to Fish, Game and Gun Club
1938-39 Mississippi Resident Family Fishing License Button
Ketch-Em Brand Salmon Eggs Crate Label
1958-59 Tennessee Big Game Trial Color Proof Block, ex Carnahan Archive
1908 Louisiana License to Hunt
RW42 with Pronounced Shift
1955 Indiana Trout Corner Single
1967-68 Montana Bow and Arrow
1962 Michigan Large Die Proof
1982-83 Bath County, Virginia Provisional Block of Four
1992 Maryland Jr/Sr No Fee
1992 and 1993 Illinois Commercial Permit Strips of Four
1907 Kansas "Husband and Wife" Licenses to Hunt