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From Girlie Pulps to Trout Stamps – Part Four

Today we will start to take a look at the Tennessee fish and game stamps that were designed by Worth B. Carnahan. We will see essays, proofs, regularly issued stamps, errors and usages from the collections of Morton Dean Joyce, Les Lebo, E.L. Vanderford and David Curtis – as well as new discoveries from The Carnahan…

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From Girlie Pulps to Trout Stamps – Part Three

In today’s post, we follow the Carnahan family to Nashville. It is in Nashville, while working for the Tennessee Game and Fish Commission, that Worth finally realizes his childhood dream and he becomes a real stamp designer. Unlike other staff artists, Worth B. Carnahan does not design your typical fish and game stamps – his stamps are special.  …

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From Girlie Pulps to Trout Stamps – Part Two

Today we look at Worth B. Carnahan’s contributions to the Golden Age of comics, focussing on some of his many stamp features. When we last left off, Worth had rejoined Adolphie Barreaux’s Studio in 1937. In 1938, Harry Donenfeld had moved the Studio into his company headquarters on Lexington Avenue while he attempted to consolidate all the…

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From Girlie Pulps to Trout Stamps – Part One

Today we will start to look at the career of Worth B. Carnahan. Worth was an artist, illustrator, magazine editor and publisher. He participated in the origins of two pop culture mainstays, girlie pulps and comic books, whose images today invoke two very different connotations. We shall see how the development of both industries was directly linked and,…

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Happy New Year and Welcome to Killer Nine

We would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and much success in 2017! Last year was huge for our hobby, with the Bill Webster Auction in March, the launch in April, New York 2016 in May and The Million Dollar Duck documentary film release in September. We have seen many signs of…

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Ken Pruess Remembered – Part Five

In todays conclusion to the series remembering Ken Pruess, we shall finish our overview of Ken’s fabulous fish and game collection. As a preface, I wish to discuss an interest Ken and I shared – philatelic exhibiting – in a little more depth. While a scholar and professor, Ken was also a dedicated and prolific exhibitor. He relied on his exhibits to share his…

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Ken Pruess Remembered – Part Four

Starting today, we will take a look at highlights from the Ken Pruess collection. Ken was the last of the great pioneer fish and game collectors. What separated Ken from his peers, however, is that he was very involved in all aspects of organized philately. While Morton Dean Joyce, Joseph Janousek, Mrs Robert Powell and Les Lebo…

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Ken Pruess Remembered – Part Three

In today’s post we will continue to look at Ken’s contributions to the hobby of collecting state revenue stamps in general and fish and game stamps in particular. During the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s, Ken was a prolific writer and speaker. He wrote articles for the State Revenue Newsletter, The American Revenuer and published…

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Ken Pruess Remembered – Part Two

Today we will look at Ken Pruess’ involvement with the the State Revenue Society, The State Revenue Newsletter and E.L. Vanderford’s Handbook of Fish and Game Stamps. Through Ken’s selfless giving of his valuable time (he was a professor at The University of Nebraska at Lincoln for much of this period), Ken helped shape the future of revenue…

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Ken Pruess Remembered – Part One

It is with a heavy heart that I report the passing of a friend and fellow collector, Ken Pruess, on Sunday, December 11, 2016. Ken was a long time revenue stamp collector, author, exhibitor and APS accredited judge. With regard to fish and game stamps, I would like to say that he was one of…

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