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Csaplars Acquire 1943 Marion County Duck Stamp; Ready for Finlandia 2017

Today’s post features an update on Will and Abby Csaplar’s revised exhibit, A License and Stamp System for Waterfowl Conservation in the 20th Century U.S. The exhibit will be shown at Finlandia 2017, an international stamp exhibition in Tampere, Finland from May 25-28. Tampere is located 99 miles north of Helsinki and is the second most populated…

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First Anniversary of Our Blog – Here are the PDFs

As the one year anniversary for our Waterfowl Stamps and More website and blog initial launch approaches, we have been working the last few weeks to address a major viewer request. Many of you have asked that we offer a PDF option for the blog posts, similar to the one we made available last year for the published articles. There…

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A Big Sky Country Surprise

Since posting A Pymatuning Scare, I have received numerous requests to post another personal anecdote. After running through several in my mind – trying to think of something timely – the news of a major snowstorm hitting the northeast last week reminded me of another of my better stories, which shall be be the subject of today’s post. Back in the early 1990s, I learned that tribal…

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The Dean of Minnesota’s Wildlife Artists – Part Five

Les Kouba’s career did not slow down after winning his second federal duck stamp contest in 1966, far from it. There was, however, a conscious reduction in his commercial advertising output. After achieving national fame as a two-time duck stamp winner, Les would enjoy much success in the 1970s and 1980s while focussing on his wildlife art. Les created a…

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The Dean of Minnesota’s Wildlife Artists – Part Four

Today we shall take a detailed look at the 1967-68 federal duck stamp and print. This was Les Kouba’s second federal win and it also happens to be one of my favorite duck stamps. For Les, the stamp cemented his status as one of the most influential artists in the duck stamp program’s history. As for myself, as far back as I…

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The Dean of Minnesota’s Wildlife Artists – Part Three

In today’s post we shall continue discussing the career of Les Kouba. We will learn about his relationship with fellow artist Edward Morris and see more of how prominently Cornelius Bartels figured into the careers of both men. If the name Edward Morris sounds familiar, it should be. Ed Morris was a fine artist in his…

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The Dean of Minnesota’s Wildlife Artists – Part Two

When we last left off, Les Kouba had recently opened American Wildlife Art Galleries and was enjoying all that 1950s post-war prosperity had to offer a talented, hard-working individual with a head for business. By 1957, Les had already been receiving notices from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for several years informing him about the annual…

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The Dean of Minnesota’s Wildlife Artists – Part One

Today we shall start to look at the career of Les Kouba, one of the more memorable artists from a state which has heavily influenced the wildlife art scene since the late 1930s. Les was not a stereotypical artist. They say that the artist’s mind generally makes for a poor businessmen; such was not the case with Les Kouba.…

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From Girlie Pulps to Trout Stamps – Part Six

In the conclusion to this series, we will finish looking at the trout stamps Worth designed for the Tennessee Game and Fish Commission. We will see one of his gems, then take a close look at the 1962-63 design and end with a revealing discussion regarding the 1963-64 issue. In the Handbook of Fish and Game Stamps, E.L. Vanderford stated…

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From Girlie Pulps to Trout Stamps – Part Five

We have now reached the apex of Worth B. Carnahan’s career as an artist and designer – the Tennessee Trout stamps. Trout stamps are one of the most popular categories of fish and game stamps, second perhaps, only to the venerable waterfowl stamps. Of all the trout stamps issued in the U.S., those designed by Worth from 1957 to 1963 are among of the…

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