Crow Creek Resumes Stamp Program

Multicolor Pictorial Stamps Issued

For 1995, the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe once again had pictorial fish and game stamps printed. The stamps were printed by State Publishing Company in Pierre, South Dakota, and are very similar to those issued in 1989 and 1990 with the exception that they are in full color. According to Crow Creek Biologist Tony Willman, it was always intended to issue high quality stamps once the program was resumed. It is felt that having quality stamps reflects well on both the Tribe and the Wildlife Department and is, therefore, good public relations among sportsmen who frequent Indian Reservations. Remainders of the passbooks printed for 1994 are still being used with the 1995 stamps (Willman, 1995). This may occasionally result in the larger stamps being overlapped.

As were those in 1994, stamps for the three different classifications of sportsmen are color coded. Since the photographs on the 1995 stamps are reproduced in multicolor, it is only the lettering on the stamps which is printed in green, blue and red—for tribal members, affiliates and reservation residents, and South Dakota residents and Nonresidents, respectively. All of the 1995 stamps were printed on white paper with black serial numbers (see Figure 7). They were issued in booklet panes of five (1 x 5) with a tab at the top and were perforated 11 1/2 between the stamps and the tab. Five panes were stapled together to form a booklet.



Figure 7. With the exception of the tribal member guide stamp, all of the 1995 Crow Creek stamps were printed in full color.



A total of 30 different stamps were printed for 1995. New for 1995 were separate archery, mule and whitetail deer stamps for each of the three classifications of sportsmen plus a special tribal member guide stamp. According to Willman, if a tribal member intends to hire himself out as a guide he must first register with the Wildlife Department. At this time the prospective guide is required to purchase a guide stamp for $25.00 and affix it to his regular hunting license. The stamp is the only 1995 stamp to feature a photograph reproduced in black and white. The photograph is of the famous Sioux Chief Drifting Goose. For a description of the 1995 Crow Creek Stamps, see Table II.






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