Westpex Retrospective

by Will Csaplar and David R. Torre, ARA

Editor’s Note by Michael Mahler




A License and Stamp System for Waterfowl Conservation in the 20th Century U.S.


Editor’s note. Long gone are the days when pioneer exhibitors furnished only a title, then presented their material for judging. Eventually an explanatory title page became de rigeur, later an additional “second title page” giving an outline and highlights. The latter has lately morphed into a multi-page synopsis. All this is consistent with the realization that a key to successful exhibiting is facilitating the judge’s’ understanding of your material so as to maximize their limited time in front of the frames. The following pages provide an informative “inside look” at the explanatory material one pair of revenue exhibitors furnished to further this process. The results are shown in Figures 1a, b and c.



Figure 1a. Ribbons on the frames at Westpex!



Figure 1b. Ribbons with Westpex gold medal.



Figure 1c. The American Revenue Association Grand Award.




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