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1913 Hunting & Fishing Licenses in Historical Context – Part Three

In todays’ conclusion to our series on the hunting and fishing licenses that were issued during 1913, we shall take a look at many examples issued during the fall hunting seasons – including the first resident hunting licenses for Ohio and Pennsylvania. As we work through the fall months, we shall continue building our historical…

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1913 Hunting & Fishing Licenses in Historical Context – Part Two

In today’s post we will continue to look at hunting and fishing licenses from the year 1913 and their historical context. In the preface to Part One, I explained that one of my reasons for picking 1913 was that five different states issued their first resident hunting license in this year. We will be seeing…

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1913 Hunting & Fishing Licenses in Historical Context – Part One

I have decided to try something new today and am looking forward to your feedback. This was a challenging project from an organizational standpoint, however, I feel there may be a considerable upside here and, if readers agree, I am willing to produce similar narratives in the future. This post will focus attention on pre-stamp…

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The Peabody Ducks: Behind the Elevator Doors

The city of Memphis, the Peabody Hotel and the Peabody Ducks all have a wonderful relationship with our stamp collecting hobby. In 1992 Ducks Unlimited, the largest wetland and waterfowl conservation organization in the world and a major supporter of the Federal Duck Stamp Program, moved their headquarters to Memphis. In 1997 the famous Peabody…

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Welcome to Gallery Ten – Part Two

As the introductory post for Gallery Ten ended up being rather lengthy and included a large number of high resolution scans, we decided it would be best divided into two parts to facilitate loading on your device. In part two, we shall provide background information and discuss the stamps and licenses found in the remaining (four)…

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Welcome to Gallery Ten – Part One

We would like to let everyone know that Gallery Ten is now up. Highlighted by 50 different early hunting and fishing licenses issued by New Mexico, starting with their first Hunter’s License as a territory in 1909 and continuing through the end of World War Two (see Figure 1), it can be reached by clicking…

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The Nebraska Pheasant & Quail Stamps – Part Two

In Part One, we saw that Nebraska first required resident and non resident hunters to purchase a license to hunt or fish in 1901. For the first ten years, residents were not required to obtain a license unless hunting outside the county in which they lived. Starting in 1911, that law was tightened up so…

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The Nebraska Pheasant & Quail Stamps – Part One

Many of you have contacted us to say how much you enjoyed the recent two-part blog Alex and Jean Case and the Decision at Cafe Ole. We very much appreciate your continued support and are attentive to your feedback. As several comments expressed an interest in learning more about the Nebraska Pheasant and Quail Stamp…

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Alex and Jean Case and the Decision at Cafe Ole – Part Two

In the last post we reviewed the Marion County stamp story and I introduced you to Alex Case and his family. It was June of 1993 and my article in The American Revenuer had just come out. Kay and I were visiting her mother in Stacy, Minnesota – located about 40 miles north of Minneapolis.…

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Alex and Jean Case and the Decision at Cafe Ole – Part One

In today’s post I will begin to tell you about a fun little side trip that Kay and I took while visiting her family in Minnesota during the summer of 1993 – and it’s unexpected benefits. This time in my life was particularly noteworthy as my early travels to Marion County, Kansas and the many…

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