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The First Fish and Game Stamp – Part Five

One of the more intriguing ways of collecting federal waterfowl stamps is to acquire stamps signed by the artist who designed the original artwork. In this way, the miniature piece of art is signed like a larger painting or print. Some advanced collectors attempt to acquire the larger signed original sketches and paintings and a much greater number collect…

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The First Fish and Game Stamp – Part Four

One of the most popular methods of collecting federal waterfowl stamp usages is to collect stamps affixed to Form 3333. By far and away the most readily available are from 1934-35, as this was the only year the card was actually required to be used. I would estimate there are more 1934-35 Form 3333 usages in collections today…

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The First Fish and Game Stamp – Part Three

One of the biggest trends over the last twenty years is to collect federal waterfowl stamps used on license. The motivation behind this method of collecting is the desire to document the role the stamps have played in the license and stamp system. Federal waterfowl stamps fall under the umbrella of revenue stamps. Their primary purpose is…

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The First Fish and Game Stamp – Part Two

While archival material and stamps affixed to documents from August can be difficult to acquire, there are many other options for collecting the 1934-35 federal waterfowl stamp. This is due to the law prohibiting the sale of unused stamps being changed. For a two week period prior to the stamps being withdrawn from sale and destroyed, June 30,…

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The First Fish and Game Stamp – Part One

On March 16, 1934 President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp Act into law. The primary purpose of this Act was to generate badly needed funding for waterfowl restoration and conservation purposes. The main feature of the Act produced colorful historical artifacts directly tied to waterfowl conservation (the stamps themselves) and provided the origin for the hobby that…

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Angelo J. Torre, Jr. 1934 – 2016

    Welcome to the new website/blog/forum, Waterfowl Stamps and More. This website is the culmination of nine months of work on the part of myself and many talented people, especially my son, Eric and my website developer, Kaiya Kramer. In a broader sense, it it the culmination of over 50 years of stamp collecting,…

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