Crow Indian Reservation

Waterfowl Stamps

The Crow Indian Reservation is located in southeast Montana and includes the Custer Battlefield. The Crow Tribe first required hunters to purchase waterfowl stamps in 1992. The stamps are self-adhesive with a peelable backing material. They were issued in panes of five (1x5) with a tab at the top. The panes were scored between the stamps to facilitate separation.

Spaces were provided for the issuing agent to fill in the license number, date of issue, expiration date and the fee. This suggests that the same stamps were originally intended to be used year after year until supplies were exhausted. Stamps from position three only have "April 30, 199_" printed where the expiration date was to be filled in (see Figure MT9). 250 stamps were serial numbered in red ink. Following the 1992-93 season, all numbered remainders were sold to stamp collectors. Some unnumbered remainders may have been issued to hunters during an abbreviated 1993 season; the balance were sold to collectors. No waterfowl stamps were issued from 1994 through 1997.

Unused values are for stamps with original backing attached; they may have the expiration date filled in. Signed values are for stamps that have been removed from their backing material, with the license number, issue date and fee written in; they may or may not bear a signature.

Figure MT8
Figure MT9
Face ValueDescriptionUnused
1.F-MT81992-93blue on white
on license
1a.F-MT9"April 30, 199_" printed on stamp
on license
250.0075.00 serial number10.00 "b", "April 30, 199_"50.00
1992 Crow waterfowl pane of five with variety in position three.