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Missouri’s Audubon – Part Five, including Bonus Section

Throughout their prodigious 40+ year careers (and especially during the 1960s and 1970s) Charles and Libby Schwartz were kept very busy with a wide variety of projects. While much of their time was spent producing wildlife and conservation movies, they were also responsible for creating artwork and text for The Missouri Conservationist as well as…

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A Set of Stamps for the Ages – Extended Cut

A Set of Stamps for the Ages When Charles W. Schwartz was asked to design Missouri’s first trout stamps, it would prove to be a momentous and far-reaching (philatelically speaking) decision, affecting not just Missouri sportsmen. Friends and fans of Charles and his art, conservation-minded lovers of wildlife art around the country and, especially, a…

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Saving the Nene Goose – Extended Cut

Saving the Nene Goose In this section, I will tell a story about a subject that is very near to my heart. Having lived in Hawaii, myself, three different times when I was young (before I met Kay and we decided to make California our permanent home), I had the great fortune of having several…

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Aldo Leopold – Extended Cut

Aldo Leopold Prior to this formal introduction, some accounts suggest that Charles and Libby might have already met Aldo Leopold once or twice in passing. Either while Leopold was in Missouri doing field work, advising Syd Stephens and the Commission or visiting his son, Starker, who lived in a house on the same piece of…

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The Kansas Upland Game Bird Stamps – Part Two

1939 Provisional Kansas Quail

In the last post I reported the Kansas quail stamps were not the first fish and game stamps to be issued by a state government in the U.S. When I looked at the quail stamps in my album this morning, I found that my feelings for them had not changed – I still find them…

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Csaplar’s Awarded International Gold; Michael Jaffe a National Large Gold – On the Same Day!

Saturday, May 27th may best be remembered as a day when the advancements made by our niche hobby were recognized by organized philately at the highest levels. Will and Abby Csaplar’s exhibit, A License and Stamp System For Waterfowl Conservation in the 20th Century U.S., was very well received by the jury at Finlandia 2017. The exhibit was awarded its…

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Csaplars Acquire 1943 Marion County Duck Stamp; Ready for Finlandia 2017

Today’s post features an update on Will and Abby Csaplar’s revised exhibit, A License and Stamp System for Waterfowl Conservation in the 20th Century U.S. The exhibit will be shown at Finlandia 2017, an international stamp exhibition in Tampere, Finland from May 25-28. Tampere is located 99 miles north of Helsinki and is the second most populated…

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SUB 1899 – 1919 Washington Hunting & Fishing Licenses

All Categories Articles Blog Posts Catalogs Exhibits Federal Galleries Hall of Fame Killer Marketplace Society Uncategorized Wanted 1899 – 1919 Washington Hunting & Fishing Licenses Back to Pre Stamp and Unusual Licenses 1899-1900 Washington Fisherman’s License 1899-1900 Washington Gill Net Fishing License 1901-02 Pierce County, Washington Hunter’s License 1902-03 King County, Washington Hunting License 1902…

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