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Remembering Harry Foglietta – Part Nine

As we continue our series of blog posts on Harry Foglietta’s Hawaiian postcard interests, we will look at the Mid Pacific Carnival postcards issued from 1914 through 1916. I am excited today, as we get to begin with the 1914 Mid Pacific Carnival advertising materials. The reason is because this was Harry’s favorite image in…

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Remembering Harry Foglietta – Part Eight

Today we shall look at the postcards that were distributed by the Hawaii Promotion Committee to advertise the Honolulu Floral Parade and Mid Pacific Carnival. These attractive cards not only represent a high point for Hawaiian postcard design, but were among the very finest poster-style cards produced to advertise any event in the world during…

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Remembering Harry Foglietta – Part Seven

Having already seen Hawaiian postcards featuring hula girls and surfing-related subjects, today we will begin the third and final chapter in our series of posts remembering Harry Foglietta and his favorite Hawaiian postcard collecting interests – the postcards issued for the Annual Floral Parade and Mid Pacific Carnival. For Harry, this was an easy choice…

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