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Remembering Harry Foglietta – Part Three

  Welcome to part three of our series on Harry Foglietta’s favorite Hawaiian postcards. As with part two, this post looks at hula girl postcards. Please be advised that this post (and more so, the gallery linked to it) contain images of Polynesian women where one or both breasts are partially or clearly visible. If…

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Remembering Harry Foglietta – Part Two

In part two of our series, we begin to explore some of Harry’s favorite topics within his vast collection of Hawaiiana. Today, we shall examine early printed postcards featuring images of hula dancers, commonly known as hula girls. Before proceeding, I have been advised to make you aware that this post includes many images of…

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Remembering Harry Foglietta – Part One

Today I am going to take another brief departure from fish and game stamps. On New Years Day, 2018, one of my dearest friends, Harry Foglietta, passed away in Honolulu. While Harry was a collector of waterfowl stamps and a client – our relationship was not really about stamps, per se. You see, when I…

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